Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Mommyhood Switch

So... I guess it's time to come out. I know that no one but Ron's family reads this blog, so I'm not really coming out, but at least its a start. The day we started talking about parenthood was also the day I started planning our Christmas card to announce it. I couldn't wait! Unfortunately, it looks like that isn't going to happen. 1st Ron was sick, then he had to go to DC for a Dance-O-Rama, now I'm sick. I haven't been out of my pj's in 11 days, and I am just a bit to insecure to send out a pic to 100 people of me in my pj's. Now, I think that we are pretty much out of time to get them printed and sent. Sorry everyone.

I had been writing little blogs and notes every once in a while and not posting them because it was just too early to announce our pregnancy. So, maybe in time, I'll get to posting them.

I love going to my blog, hitting next blog and seeing what comes up. Since I've posted our baby ticker, all I've gotten are Mommy blogs with lots of baby tickers, infertility problems, and postings of newly born little ones. I realized that my little blog would probably change into that eventually too. So, I guess it's time... time to make the Mommyhood switch.


the Curriers said...

There's not much I love more than mommyhood so consider me a new avid follower of your blog :)

melanie said...

yay! keep blogging!! :)
what a cute baby!!

Bri Rachelle said...
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Bri... said...

deffinitely keep blogging! I'll make sure i follow! btw....cute baby! <3

Tracy said...

Congratulations! Dean is hoping that this will FINALLY be the baby that is really named after him (if it is a boy he will call him "name DEAN" anyways so you might as well make it official) ... and since Ron's middle name is Dean I think he finally has a shot! PS ... we loved your Christmas card!