Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Many things have changed in my life over the years. I moved from Center City Philadelphia to West Chester, PA to Newtown Square, PA to Aldan, PA to Epping, NH to where I am now, Raymond NH.  I watched both of my parents fight and lose their battle with cancer. I got married and now have the two most amazing little girls. Through all of the changes in my life there was one constant, my little black kitty, Utah.  Today I am saying goodbye to that constant in my life and to my very first and most loyal and loving pet.

16 yrs ago I was a senior at the University of the Arts and I had finally moved into an apartment that would allow me to have a cat. I walked into the Morris Animal Refuge and this tiny little kitty crawled up the front of her cage, over all of the other kittens to get to me. I held her for a few minutes and fell in love.  My friend from school Shai Linne and I enjoyed over-pronouncing and repeating funny words like Pabst, Tallahassee and Utah. (Go ahead pronounce each syllable, they are funny words). Anyway that's how Utah got her name.

So thank you Utah for all of the love and companionship these last 16 yrs.  Thank you for making my father like cats and for letting my daughters pull your tail and ears. But most of all, thank you for picking me.  I'm sorry that I could not be with you in the end, but I've seen death one too many times.  I love you.  Good night.

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grannimcd said...

So sorry. I know that loss only too well.