Sunday, July 14, 2013

BFF minus the last F

I've been thinking a lot about relationships. Specifically, my relationships. Not necessarily current ones, but the how and why. I guess it's something that I've always thought about. Why did God put this person in my life and what was it that brought us together?

I spent a lot of time thinking about one person in particular this week because we've been chatting on Facebook and the phone. She has always been very near and dear to me. She is one of those people who loves you no matter what. Even though we don't live close anymore and we don't talk all of the time, I can say that she knows me, she gets me, she knows how I think and what makes me tick. I don't really feel comfortable talking about losing my parents, but I can with her. And maybe it's because she knew them and they loved her but maybe it's because she's just that awesome.

I think about how lucky I am to have this person in my life, how she has made me be a better person and how she was there for me in times when my family couldn't. And then I think about how we became close.

Some people might think these events are untrue but this is how I remember them.

In junior high and part of high school I had one serious BFF minus the last F.  We both were part of a small circle of friends, but most of our time was spent together. We swapped clothes, made each other mix tapes and wrote each other letters when we were on vacation and couldn't talk everyday. Then one day she started lying to me. I had suspicions that she was lying to me and when I confronted her about it, she lied again and again and again. What she was lying to me about hurt me but the months and months of lies hurt me more. Our friendship was over and I found myself alone. Our little circle of friends seemed to take her side; I didn't share the real reason of our ended friendship with my parents because I didn't want them to view her differently. I was a teenager and I was alone.

This is when God gave me Colleen. I knew her, we had French class together, I think we were even in kindergarten together before she went to Christian school. But other crazy circumstances in my life (another bad thing that happened to me) pushed me into a cheerleading squad that I wouldn't have normally been in. And here we were sitting on a bus together, playing Game Boys, singing songs with super fun, goofy choreography becoming friends.

And so in the middle of my teenage drama grew this amazing friendship that would be an integral part of my adult life. She is someone who even in the midst of her own trials is an example of a Godly woman, wife, mother and friend. I am so blessed by our friendship that I'm almost grateful that my old BFF was minus the last F... Almost. :)