Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Olympics

As I watch the Olympics today and find myself routing for the USA team, especially when other countries say they are going to crush them, I think about our triumph this week and how we just blew our competitors out of the water, or off the dance floor.

Arthur Murray is having a world wide contest called the All Star Competition, and there are 4 different levels of testing. We had our 2nd testing this past friday. Katy and I were both uncontested (I wasn't supposed to be, so you can just imagine my neuroticness the days before). Rafael was competing against 1 other and Ron 4 others. We all made it to the next level!!! How exciting!!! well, for everyone else... I was looking forward to loosing. 40% of the test is written and 60% simulation. I HATE talking in front of people. If you are surprised by this, obviously you haven't read my last blog.

We've had so many difficulties lately that it was so nice to have something so positive happen to our whole team. GO NARBERTH!

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Katy said...

Maybe the four of us should volunteer for drug testing so that, just like Michael Phelps, none of our competitors can blame our super-human success on steroids. I hear "the juice" is pretty prevalent among Arthur Murray instructors.