Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st

May 31, 2010
A year ago today I was given a choice.

We were sitting in the doctors office if you could call what I was doing sitting.  I was nine months pregnant, 1 week from my due date and felt like a bloated hippo.  They examined me (super fun) and said that it looked like she wasn't coming anytime soon.  Lilla had been a big baby from the beginning and they were concerned about me being able to deliver her.  The choice was between being induced, having the chance that it wouldn't work and have to have a c section or waiting until she was ready, having the possibility that she would be too big and have to have a c section anyway.

We knew what we would choose before the words even came out of her mouth.  INDUCE!!!   We were scheduled to be admitted the next night and be induced the day after.

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priscilla said...

um... world's most gorgeous pregnant woman right there! congratulations on one year of motherhood. sending you tons of love today.