Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2nd

We started off the day celebrating my husband's birthday by going to Denny's, his favorite place to get breakfast.    He got his free gram slam and I got a pancake puppy fudge sundae!!!  Hey, I was 9 months pregnant, don't judge me.

My husband left work to come home and pick me up.  He dropped me off at the nail salon and returned to work.  I got my nails done and had a pedicure trying not to think about what was ahead of me.  Naomi, my nail girl, told me I had the biggest feet she's ever seen and that I should take a picture to show Lilla what she put me through.  

We arrived at the hospital around 7:00pm and started to settle in.  They gave me something to "ripen" my cervix and something to help me sleep since the next day would probably be a long one.  Had I known what it would really be like, I would have taken two.

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